Accessories and Gifts

Original BUFF® S.A is located in Igualada, a town in the province of Barcelona with a long tradition in the Catalan textile industry. In our headquarters we have the offices where we create all our designs as well as a production plant where we also produce a large part of our most popular products.

Our philosophy

Our flagship product is the multifunctional tubular BUFF®, an original and practical garment that will help you overcome the most extreme conditions of cold, wind, sun ... and that nowadays we export to more than 60 countries.

But BUFF® is not only functionality, it is also a form of expression, so we made many different tubular BUFF® for both intense sports, go for a walk in the mountains or as a fashion accessory for day to day.

Because we are nonconformist and we want to go further, creating a lifestyle. Reinventing the everyday to be original.