29 Nov



TEA SHOP returns to surprise this Christmas with a new tea made with an exclusive and original mix that will change your Christmas spirit forever. The leading brand in high quality teas revolutionizes this unique moment of the year and adds to your illusions and desires a new explosion of flavors, so you can enjoy such long afternoons as never before.

The ChristmasTea Black is a variety selected among the best black teas in the world, combined with almonds, orange peel, apple, cinnamon, cloves and aromas. An exquisite tea for any time of the day but delicious as an accompaniment to sweets and desserts from the Christmas season. It is available with Black, Red, Green and Rooibos tea base, so you can enjoy this unique blend in different ways. Every day choose the one you most want!

A presentation in the form of a pack, ideal for a gift

ChristmasTea Black is sold in bulk, like most of our teas, and as a novelty, this year, it is also presented in an intense red tin of 75 grams of exclusive design for Tea Shop. In addition, as we know you are going to want to give it away, the new ChristmasTea Black is sold in pack format together with a 'Harmony' cup of the same color, so you can give it to anyone else who wants it.