09 Ene



After the numerous Christmas meals, Tea Shop surprises with a proposal for this new year: the limited edition Tea Moments Detox set. A kit containing various red teas perfect to incorporate into any healthy diet and for those looking for any of its many benefits.

Red tea, known as Pu Erh because of its origin, is an original variety of Pu'er, Yunnan Province, in southeastern China. It is a tea subjected to an exclusive process of fermentation, with ancestral techniques that until now have not been able to reveal, and which confers specific properties different from any other tea. This type of tea has traditionally been used in diets to lose weight by its properties to purify the body and maintain a good vital tone.

Tea Shop has created a select range from the most popular blends of red tea. Every day you deserve a special moment and a tea to accompany it, so this limited edition with 6 cans is designed to enjoy your method in the daily routine.

Discover the varieties of Tea Moments Detox:

Pu Erh Original
Unroasted red tea with a light earthy flavor. Known as the "tea quemagrasa", among its benefits include help in weight loss and reduction of cholesterol levels.

Pu Erh Chai
Red tea combined with cinnamon, ginger, clove and cardamom. An intense flavor with character and a spicy touch. An ideal option for lovers of the Hindu Chai.

Pu Erh Choconoir
An exquisite blend designed to seduce lovers of the most intense chocolate. Red tea with bits of cocoa, lapacho and chocolate. Falling into temptation has never been so healthy.

Pu Erh Fruit of the Forest
Red tea with a mixture of wild fruits: bits of strawberry, blueberries, currant and strawberry leaves. A combination of ingredients that prevail over the characteristic earthy taste of Pu Erh.

Slim Papaya
Red earthy flavored tea mixed with one of the most appreciated and most consumed fruits worldwide: papaya. A blend that combines flavor and digestive and depurative benefits. For this exclusive blend the papaya flavor has been rounded by blending it with orange peel and orange blossom. An exotic and irresistible combination.

Slim PuccinoTea
A blend inspired by the popular Cappuccino. A base of red tea, black tea, bits of caramel and coffee aroma.

And because there is a tea for every special moment, discover the rest of the Tea Moments family:

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