31 Mar

 Filled Life with Tea Shop

Filled Life with Tea Shop

With the arrival of spring our body prepares to wake up, as occurs in nature. With good weather we spend more time outdoors, enjoyed the floral beauty of spring and recovered the defenses.

To prepare and feel full of vitality, it is important in our daily diet foods we take into account that we provide antioxidants. The Green and White Tea Tea protect our body from cellular oxidation, improving our defenses and slowing the aging process.

To have to watch it a pleasure for the senses, we invite you to discover the latest addition Shake Matcha Tea Shop. It consists of ground green tea flavored with flavors as irresistible as cherry, caramel or mango. A delicious and different way to enjoy the benefits of Matcha.

Matcha Shake is ideal for adding antioxidants and flavor to your smoothies, juices, biscuits, yogurt, ice cream or cake.
Be full of life and feels as it fills your heart with the freshness of spring with selection of teas VITALITY:

  • EVERY DAY IS ANTIOX: discover with this complete pack five of our best full exclusive blends of antioxidants: Japan Sencha, Moorish, Gracia Blend® Green, Oriental Lime and Chock & Berry. RRP: € 19.90
  • MATCHA SHAKE: An original and innovative to enjoy the benefits of green tea manner. Caramel, strawberry, cherry, mango and pineapple: green powdered tea 5 irresistible flavors. RRP: € 14.95
  • MATCHA ORGANIC: The taste of this premium Organic Matcha is a harmonious blend of sweet and slightly bitter. Plants with which it is made are grown in the shade and the leaves are picked by hand. RRP: € 24.95