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05 Jun

Tast a la Rambla

Enjoy La Rambla and simultaneouslythe best cuisine of Barcelona.That Tasting La Rambla ...From Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 June....


31 Mar

Filled Life with Tea Shop

With the arrival of spring our body prepares to wake up, as occurs in nature. With good weather we spend more time outdoors, enjoyed the floral beauty of spring and recovered the defenses.To prepare and feel full of vitality, it is important in our daily diet foods we take into account that we provide antioxidants. The Green an...


13 Mar

NEW OPENING of Pure Cuisine at El Triangle!

NEW OPENING of Pure Cuisine at El Triangle! (In Calle Pelayo)


16 Feb

Tea Shop: Tea Care

The growing interest in the virtues of tea and infusions in the Western world, especially in relation to prevention, put in relevance what Asian cultures have known for millennia. Teas and infusions are our best allies, especially in winter when its supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is essential to feel with coura...