27 Nov

 Urban Outfitters comes to BCN

Urban Outfitters comes to BCN

Urban Outfitters coming to Barcelona and Spain with its new store at the Mall El Triangle. The great expectation of the opening event generated over 4000 squad that filled and lined up to attend this event. 3000 beers, piñatas, fake tattoos and melodies zero Bradley, Jr and Pional Adobson enlivened the evening to enjoy all attendees.

Urban Outfitters is a benchmark of fashion street in America, and the two plants Shop Mall El Triangle can be found both menswear and women (own brand and multi-won Hundred, Libertine Libertine, Unify Pippa Lynn, Stussy, Baron Von Fantasy, Rodnik, Fila and Levis-) as gifts (cups, discs, home accessories ...).

Urban Outfitters and El Triangle become a definite must for anyone visiting Barcelona, as well as for residents of the city.

Video opening Urban Outfitters